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Imperial Bamboo mattress features sustainability and a life-long guarantee. The memory foam provides you with moisture-free characteristics that allow you to have a comfier, cleaner, and much better sleep—everything that you ever need for a comfortable mattress. We shopped memory foam mattress a year ago, and there’s no sign of damage or impact on high quality. 


I ordered a super comfortable and soft pillow since I often experience numbness in my ears after I get up. I got my order on the request since the numbness was too much to handle. The best part? I don’t have numb ears, sore neck, and uncomfortable mornings anymore! Thanks, Imperial Bamboo.


If you want to elongate the life of your mattress and nothing works well in that regard, then a mattress topper and case. I ordered both the topper and case from Imperial Bamboo. To my surprise, the topper and case both fit perfectly to my hard mattress—can’t thank the Imperial Bamboo enough!


Waking up with a firm back and sore muscles was an every morning thing–but not anymore! We got rid of our too hard mattress and replaced it with a medium mattress that ensures me with comfortable sleep at night and soreness-free back muscles in the mornings.