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Luxury Towels Set – 100% Egyptian  Cotton Fiber Original-Bath Towel –

New in UK -Amazing Set Of Bath Towels To Spoiled Yourself In The Right Way


!!!The latest design in the UK !!!


Our size is: 

140cm x 80cm (Pack of 4 units)

Egyptian Cotton Fiber Original

!!!Very Soft!!!

Excellent Quality + Reasonable Price = Full Satisfaction


Egyptian cotton produces fibres that are far longer than other cottons. These fibres are smaller in diameter, longer in length, and much stronger than other types of cotton have. As the fibres produce a yarn that is smaller in diameter but maintains length, more threads can be used per square inch when creating the fabric. It is the density of the threads that allows Egyptian cotton bedsheets to be:

  • Stronger than fabric made from other kinds of cotton
  • More luxurious to the touch than other kinds of cotton
  • Lighter in terms of weight, but without impacting the breathability of the fabric, which in turn enhances comfort.
  • Egyptian cotton is also able to absorb more liquid, which helps to produce brighter, more vivid colours when it is dyed.
  • So is that it? Or is there another potential reason for the reputation of Egyptian cottons?The benefits of the cotton plant itself
    Egyptian cotton does not produce as much lint as other cottons.
    This means that fabric made from Egyptian cotton is far less likely to pill when it is washed repeatedly. This helps to preserve the quality of the fabric for longer periods of time. So while pure Egyptian cotton fabric may be more expensive, it is actually likely to offer better value for money. It will last far longer than inferior cottons.Understanding the importance of thread count

    When it comes to purchasing your own Egyptian cotton, you will find yourself encountering the world of thread counts. 
    As a general rule, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious and wonderful the material is going to be. The higher the thread count, the cotton will feel. This is while still maintaining all of the beneficial aspects of cotton such as its high level of breathability. However, provided the cotton is over 180 in thread count, it is likely to be extremely luxurious and comfortable. Well worth the extra investment.

    It is also worth noting that Egyptian cotton of high thread counts tends to be rather stiff when it is new. This is due to the dense nature of how the thread fibres are arranged.
    Over time particularly when the fabric is frequently washed the fibres begin to relax and soften. This means that Egyptian cotton genuinely does improve with age.Now you know why?Egyptian cotton has become associated with high levels of luxury, and for very good reason indeed. Egyptian cotton is not the product of advertising or marketing spin; it’s known as the best cotton there is because it genuinely is the best cotton there is. If you are looking to purchase anything made of fabric in the future, opting for Egyptian cotton is always going to be an excellent decision. Enjoy!


 Strong and durable

 Remember!  Sustainable & biodegradable  100% organic fiber!!!


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 cm


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