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What Are Cookies?

As is standard practice with practically all expert sites, this webpage utilises cookies, which are minor records that are downloaded to your PC, to improve your experience on our site. This page portrays what data they accumulate, how we use it, and why we occasionally need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can avert these cookies from being stored – however, this may downsize or ‘break’ certain components of the functionality of the site.

How Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are utilised to enhance the users experience while visiting a site. Where relevant, a site that utilises a cookie control framework permitting the client on the first visit to the website in order to allow or restrict the utilisation of cookies on the respective device. This conforms to the enactment prerequisites for websites to acquire clear agreement from guests before abandoning or perusing records, for example, cookies on a device.

Cookies are small specialised records stored to a computer’s or any other devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) hard drive. They are used to track, spare and store data about the collaborations and utilisation of a site. This permits the site, through its server to furnish the clients with a custom-fitted encounter inside the website.

Different cookies might be stored on your computer’s (or other devices) hard drive by external vendors when this site utilises referral programs, supported links or advertisements. Such cookies are utilised for transformation, and referral tracking and commonly expires after 30 days; however, some may take longer. No private data is saved, stored or gathered.

Disabling Cookies

If the user wishes to disable the setting of the cookies they can pursue with this plan by changing the settings on the browser that they are using (check your browser Help for how to do this). However, disabling the cookies will have an impact on the functionality of this website on other sites. Moreover, disabling the cookies might result in restricting specific functionality of our site. (We recommend you to avoid disabling the cookies).

If you would like to disable the use of the cookies on this site, then you can continue by changing your setting.

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Google Chrome

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Mozilla Firefox

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Apple Safari

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How The Imperial Bamboo Use Cookies?


As we sell products on our website, it is highly significant for us to comprehend measurements about what number of the guests to our site really make a buy and like this, this is the sort of information that these cookies will track. This is imperative to you as it implies that we can precisely make business forecasts that permit us to monitor our promoting or advertising and as well as the cost of the product to ensure the most ideal cost.

We use advertisements to balance the expenses of running this website and also provide financing to facilitate future development and improvement. The behavioural advertising cookies that are utilised on this website are intended to guarantee that we furnish the visitors with the most important ads where possible by anonymously tracking their inclinations and introducing comparable things that might be of their interest.

A few partners advertise on our behalf and affiliate tracking cookies basically permit us to check whether our clients had visited the website through one of our partner sites. This way, we can credit them aptly and where relevant permit our associate accomplices to give any reward or bonus that they may give the user upon making a purchase.

Since social media serves a very beneficial platform, The Imperial Bamboo likewise utilise the social media buttons and/or various plugins on the website that permit you to get connected with your social network in many different manners. For these to work, the accompanying social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, will set cookies through our website. These might be utilised to improve your profile on their platform or add an influence they hold for different purposes defined in their respective privacy policies.

This site permits guests to empower pop-up messages or push notifications to be sent to their devices. Clients can unsubscribe whenever they want t, only by clicking the on the “Preference Setting” button. This button will not work if you do not have notifications turned on for this site.

Performance Cookies

In some unique cases, The Imperial Bamboo management additionally utilises the cookies gave by trusted third parties. You can easily find out which third party cookies you might come across through our website in the following segment.

The Imperial Bamboo website utilises Google Analytics which is one of the most boundless and trusted analytic solutions on the web for assisting us to see how the users utilise our webpage and ways that we can help to enhance the users’ experience. These cookies may track things, such as, to what extent you spend time on our website and the pages that you visit so we can keep on delivering engaging and appealing content.

For more info on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

Third-party analytics are utilised to track and measure the use of our website with the intention that we can keep on producing the highly engaging and pleasing content. These cookies may track things, like to what extent the user spends on the site or pages they visit which may assist us to observe how we can improve our website for the visitors.

We often test new highlights and features for the website and roll out elusive improvements to how the website is delivered to the visitors. At the point when we are still in between the process of testing new features, these cookies might be utilised to guarantee that you get an unswerving experience while visiting the site while guaranteeing we comprehend which advancements our clients value the most.

Operational Cookies

On the off chance that you make a record by creating an account on our website, at that point, cookies are utilised for the management of the signup and information exchange procedure and administration. These cookies will generally be erased as soon as you log out. Though, in some of the cases, they may remain there for a short time later to recall your site inclinations when logged out.

The Imperial Bamboo use cookies when you are signed in in order to make sure that we can remember this activity performed from your side. This keeps you from signing in each and every time you visit another page of our website. These cookies are normally cleared or removed as soon as you log out in order to guarantee that you can possibly get the access to utilise the features that are restricted and other controlled areas when you are logged in.

Our website also offers online business (e-commerce) or payment facilities and a few cookies are fundamental to guarantee that your request is remembered between pages with the goal that we can process it appropriately.

Email Cookies

This website offers a newsletter or email membership service and cookies might be utilised to recollect whether you are previously enlisted and whether to show certain notifications which may just be legitimate to subscribed or unsubscribed clients.

The Imperial Bamboo additionally uses cookies with the email advertising newsletters. These permit us to follow the exhibition of each marketing campaign in order to enable us to optimise our content. At the point when emails are sent, we are capable of tracking down the open rates, interfaces or links that have been clicked and in the event that you might want to withdraw from the subscription.


Klarna Payments 

what is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that helps you buy what you want now and pay for it later. Smooth, right? With over 60 million happy customers shopping with more than 100,000 online retailers – it’s safe to say they’re pretty good at what they do.

When shopping with us you can now pay the way you want with Klarna. It’s up to you whether you prefer to pay right away, pay later or pay over time.


how does it work?

1. Fill your basket with new stuff

2. Pick Standard, Express or Choose Your Day delivery

3. Checkout with Klarna and choose the payment option that suits you

ways to pay

Pay Now

Simply pay for your new kicks in a few clicks. Klarna remembers all of your info so you don’t have to. Easy peasy.

Pay Later

Simply hit ‘Pay Later’ when you checkout and don’t worry, there’s no pesky passwords to remember. Simply try them on, look good – no sweat – Klarna will email you reminding you to pay up 30 days after shipping.

Pay in 3

All you have to do is select ‘Pay in 3’ at the checkout and the first instalment will be taken when your order is confirmed. No interest, no hassle. Easy, right?

the q&a’s

How do I manage my account?

You can review your latest Klarna invoices at your leisure by logging onto

Am I eligible/will I be accepted?

You must be at least 18 years old to use Klarna payment services and they’re offered subject to your financial circumstances. Klarna uses a ‘soft credit search’ to assess who is eligible, but don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your credit rating.

When do I have to pay?

You’ll receive an email with payment instructions 2 days after your order is confirmed, depending on your chosen method. We’ll also send a little reminder a couple days before payment is due.

Please read carefully our Klarna Payments instalments before you purchase .