We assure you with the highest grade quality products, and to guarantee you with complete satisfaction, we offer a 30-night trial. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our products even after the trial, we are happy to provide you with complete reimbursements. You can return the pillow after the 30-night trail with the receipt and to exchange it.

Each of our products is evaluated and tested for chemicals as per the international standards. We assure you with formaldehyde and toluene-free products. We practice the strictest testing and certification systems, which ensure thorough cleanliness and chemical-free attributes. Our products conform to every health standard and are safe to use for children and infants.

Our packaging materials are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. We ensure you with higher durability and guaranteed thorough protection of your product. Generally, our packaging material is made from Kraft paper.

Yes, Kraft paper is 100% recyclable, and we highly recommend that you recycle it. All of our boxes and packaging are based on Kraft paper, a 100% eco-friendly product. To ensure the chemical-free properties of Kraft paper, the material is not bleached and processed. The material decomposes to its natural form of cellulose fibers, which can easily be integrated back to the natural environment without any harmful impacts on the environment.

Each of the Bamboo Imperial products is made from pure bamboo fiber, which is known to be an environment-friendly material. The material is perfect for people who experience severe dust and other allergies. Bamboo fiber is a hypoallergenic material that keeps the dust mites away.