Care Instructions

Make sure not to soak the memory foam in the washing machine. Our pillows  are machines washable. You can wash the pillowcases every 2 or 4 months. The frequency of washing depends on your preferences. In case you have allergies, it is recommended to wash the pillows cases more often to maximise the benefits of the hypoallergenic attributes of our products. 

The best part about our products is that they are easy to wash both by washing machines and hands. Make sure to give your pillows  a cold wash with like colors. Remove the product as soon as the washing is completed and do not iron it. Our products might not be fit for dry wash/clean. Whether it is a tough stain or a fading of white color, bleaching is not a preferred option for our products. 

Washing tips:
  • Use non-bleach detergent. 
  • Gentle wash 
  • Lay down the product flat in the sun for drying purposes. 
  • Keep the dryer on low while washing covers. 
  • Gentle hand wash is preferred for memory foam with mild and lukewarm water. 

When to replace:
Prior to any washing process, make sure to read the instructions provided with the product. Frequent washing might not be suitable for bamboo as bamboo shrinks faster than cotton. Even though we provide you with life-lasting products, it is better to know when to replace your pillows and mattresses. Here is a quick experiment you can do to figure out the time for a replacement: take your pillow, fold it in half and then release. If the pillow opens back in the right place and conditions, then it is still in usable condition. However, if it remains folded without moving, then it might be the right time to buy a new one.